Clean clothes fabric

Suitable for all kinds of special fabrics for clean clothes in food workshops and electronic workshops.

Anti-static fabric

The product is suitable for all kinds of antistatic industry work clothes fabrics such as electronics, electric power, coal mines, etc.

Anti-static sewing thread

The product is suitable for the sewing of antistatic products and is made of carbon fiber or metal wire twisting.

sewing thread

Used in the sewing of luggage, handbags, shoes, clothing and other products, and has passed various EU environmental protection certifications and standard tests.

Functional fabric

Process all kinds of flame retardant, fireproof, acid and alkali resistant fabrics, suitable for clothing materials in various special industries.

Medical fabrics

The products are suitable for hospital beds, surgical clothing, fabrics for doctors and nurses, children's quilts, etc.

Dongguan Kailong Textile Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of anti-static fabrics

At present, the company has imported production equipment and a stable production base for weaving and dyeing. The company has established an environmental testing system to ensure that the technical performance of the product meets the needs of users, and that the company's products have stable, safe and reliable quality to meet the different needs of users

Understand the product


5mm polyester mesh anti-static silk

Cleanroom clothing, electrostatic clothing overalls


5mm polyester striped anti-static silk

Cleanroom clothing, electrostatic clothing overalls


Antibacterial medical clothing fabric

Medical and medical special fabrics, children's quilt, antibacterial function.


Anti-static inside/suit lining

Anti-static overalls lining, suit anti-static lining

Anti-static cloth has the characteristics of high-efficiency and permanent anti-static and dust-proof effects, and has the characteristics of clear fabric texture and soft hand feeling.

It has always attracted people’s attention. Its use is mainly used to make dust-proof clothing and anti-static clothing to achieve corona discharge or leakage discharge effects. Fabrics of different specifications are suitable for different anti-static or clean environments. It is used in medical, pharmaceutical, food,

Information Express

Dust-free coveralls must be regularly tested for anti-static performance

In electronic operations, static electricity can damage tiny circuits.When people move in a clean room, their dust-free coveralls will rub against seats, workbenches, underwear and skin worn inside, and generate static electricity on the dust-free coveralls outside.

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Color difference standard of antistatic clothing

The problem of chromatic aberration is often encountered when customizing work clothes. When purchasing a batch of anti-static work clothes, customers like to compare their samples with the purchased samples, such as workmanship, color and other details.There will be a certain color difference between the sample clothes and the newly purchased clothes fabric.

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Why is anti-static clothing that is cheaper than ?

Regardless of its quality, performance, appearance or price, it will also be something that everyone needs to understand in advance.

Is the manufacturer of anti-static clothing you choose a regular manufacturer?

In fact, not only in powerful companies, all manufacturers will face the same problem, formal and informal is indeed related to the final decision of buyers.